The photograph you have just seen is a 10 day old orphan. From this September onwards thousands of orphans like her will be born and killed at the hands of the New South Wales Government and the Local Land Services. Her only crime? Being born a fox.

Foxes are running out of time and they need your help. Oppose the Pest Control Order and the ban on private ownership of foxes. Allow the continued rescue and rehoming of orphaned and injured foxes in need this September.

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NSW First Fox Rescue Set to Fight Cruel Legislation
On Friday the 19th of August at 6pm, Sydney Fox Rescue will be holding a campaign launch for their fight against the Pest Control Order (PCO) for Red Foxes 2014.
This campaign launch is the accumulation of 18 months’ worth of tireless work on the behalf of the maligned European Red Fox. Under the Local Land Services Act, The Minister for Primary Industries has rendered the rescue and rehoming of red foxes illegal (PCO Red Foxes 2014). Sydney Fox Rescue objects to this decision on the basis of extreme animal welfare concerns and is urging the public to support them in advocating for policy change on this issue.

What the PCO means for Red European Foxes:
- Rescuing foxes is now illegal
- Rehoming foxes is now illegal
- Foxes in need are unable to legal access vet care
- Transporting foxes (even for veterinary care) is illegal
- All foxes who are orphaned and injured are now meant to be euthanized

For the past 18 months since the PCO was declared, SFR have worked long and hard to negotiate a viable permit system for our rescue foxes and the foxes we have rehomed, and continue our fight for these maligned animals.
However, despite our best efforts in negotiations between our organization and the Local Land Services, they have refused to issue permits for foxes rescued after March 2015 or to allow the continued work of Sydney Fox Rescue. They fear that our rescue group is “changing the culture of foxes in New South Wales” and may pose a threat to the continued government use of the inhumane 1080 bait.

Our busiest rescue period is just weeks away, with fox kit season meaning that hundreds of orphans will soon be in need of our help. For this reason we are now turning to a public campaign to lobby for the PCO on European Red Foxes to be over turned. The campaign will feature in online, social and print media, and will focus on the stories of particular rescue foxes in our care as well as the possible fates of orphans in 2016 under the PCO.

The campaign website can be found at We will also launch online on our Facebook page at
But we know that taking on the Local Land Services as well as the Minister for Primary Industries isn’t going to be easy, and we need your help. SFR are looking for the public backing and support of other animal welfare organizations, as well as politicians, celebrities and businesses.

To find out more, or to get involved you can contact us on 0406 590 379 or at

Kind Regards,

Charlie Jackson-Martin

Shelter Manager - Sydney Fox Rescue
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