Sydney Fox Rescue (SFR) is a registered Australian charity and animal advocacy organisation. Since 2012 we have worked tirelessly to rescue, care for, desex and rehome a variety of introduced species with a particular focus on foxes. Unfortunately, as an introduced species in Australia, the welfare of foxes often falls through the cracks. We, as Australians, consistently fail to stand up and take responsibility for animals we brought to this country. Foxes were brought to Australia, through no desire of their own, to be hunted and slaughtered. It’s time we move past this archaic attitude and look towards more compassionate conservation methods.


Charlie Jackson-Martin- Sydney Fox Rescue President

Charlie, who grew up in rural Victoria, has always felt a deep connection to animals and has been caring for and rescuing animals from a young age. He is a passionate animal rights activist and vegan. Charlie shares his life and home with twelve foxes, two dingoes, three cats and a pig.

In 2012, Charlie founded Sydney Fox Rescue and has since dedicated his life to increasing the welfare of foxes and other so called “pest” species in need.

It’s time to rethink our attitudes about foxes. We brought these animals here and their welfare is OUR responsibilty. Stand up and speak out in support of Australian foxes.
Charlie Jackson-Martin
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Mairi Prisk- Sydney Fox Rescue Vice President

Mairi grew up on Bribie Island, Qld. A life long passion for animal care started as a child, when she and her family raised and released countless native birds and animals after injury or habitat destruction.

Mairi's cousin, a cat rescuer, pointed her to SFR's Facebook page in 2013 and it wasn't long before "a bit of volunteering" led to the adoption of one, then a second and third fox. They live happily with her family, cats, chooks and dog. Mairi has found her passion in helping save foxes and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Can we, as a society, have the compassion and humanity to give an orphaned young animal a life free of the threat of death and suffering? I'd like to believe we can, regardless of species.
Mairi Prisk
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Stephanie Parrey- Sydney Fox Rescue Secretary

Stephanie is the newest member of the SFR team. As an ex-pat from the US, she has previously worked with the Humane Society and has a strong passion for some the most persecuted animals in Australia- foxes and deer in particular.

Stephanie has a beautiful border collie named Bailey and has fostered numerous rescue animals, opening her heart and home to those in need.

Stephanie Parrey
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Annabelle Delir- Events Volunteer

Annabelle began her journey as an animal activist when studying the biopsychological similarities between man and animal. Since then she has worked tirelessly to increase awareness of the current state of animal oppression.

Sydney Fox Rescue has given her the opportunity to work both behind the scenes and closely with animals who have been targeted for the sake of human greed. Her goal is to open an animal sanctuary rescuing farmed animals raised for slaughter.
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Amanda Cole- Social Media Volunteer

Amanda is from Newcastle and animals have been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. She first became interested in foxes watching videos online of their curious, cheeky antics. Amanda now posts photos and videos of her own, helping to run our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Volunteering at Sydney Fox Rescue has not only meant getting to help animals in need but overcoming a history of depression, making new friends and being part of a community.
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Kristy King- Media Relations Volunteer

Kristy is from Sydney and has had a huge love for animals since she was young. It was during her time studying journalism and doing research for her articles on the meat and fur industries that she became a passionate advocate for all things animal welfare and decided to be a voice for the voiceless.

Kristy often bonds better with animals than people, and when you don't hear from her you can safely assume that she's hanging out and having cuddles with her much-loved adopted rabbit, Flop.
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Melissa Browne- Social Media Volunteer

Melissa is currently studying Veterinary Nursing and has a strong passion for animal welfare. She enjoys the company of our many animals and strives to give them a better life, and by changing people's perception on foxes, and livestock.

Melissa is also a passionate vegan who has a ridiculously handsome ragdoll cat named Henry, that she shares her life with. She is a crazy cat lady at heart, and loves a good cat meme, for this reason (and others) she is a key part of our social media team.
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Felicity Mitchel- Volunteer

Felicity is an enthusiastic, animal loving individual who works in the Early Years educational sector. Through her work with children, Felicity hopes to inspire the compassion of future generations to come.

Volunteering with Sydney Fox Rescue has been a liberating experience for Felicity, allowing her to meet a number of like minded individuals who share her beliefs about animal rights. Felicity has spent her life surrounded by animals and currently shares her home with three beautiful cats.
Tayla Firth- Dingo Volunteer

Tayla is a passionate animal lover training to work in law enforcement. She has a particular love of canids including foxes, dogs and dingoes, with two beautiful huskies of her own. Tayla is also a member of the sled dog community.

As a member of the SFR team Tayla has been a dedicated foster carer. As well her work with the foxes, she has become a “dingo whisperer” of sorts, bonding with some of the shyest most wild of our rescue dingoes.
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Tracey Dierikx- Volunteer

Tracey has been involved in animal rescue for over a decade, fostering hundreds of special needs dogs and puppies.

Tracey has been a fantastic volunteer, foster carer and teacher at the rescue for a number of years. She is now studying her Certificate III in Captive Animals and is currently writing a husbandry manual on red foxes in captivity.
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Jaime-Lee Digby- Volunteer

Having moved around a lot as a child from the city of Sydney to rural NSW and Victoria to the South eastern coast of Queensland Jaime-Lee has been exposed to and has felt a deep connection with a variety of species of animals and their welfare.

Jamie-Lee has been heavily involved with the Humane Society International for many years in raising awareness for those that have no voice and has been passionate about rehabilitation of animals regardless of species for as long as she can remember.
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Sophia Clarke- Volunteer

Sophia is passionate about animals and the environment. She is studying biodiversity and conservation and believes we can look forward to a better place for all animals despite their status as native or introduced.

There are plenty of activities to do and excellent ways to help with the rescue animals. Most of all she enjoys getting to know the unique personalities of each animal at the rescue.
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